Ten Years

WINNER, Best Picture - 2016 Hong Kong Film Awards
Official Selection - Taipei Film Festival, Osaka Asian Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, San Diego Asian Film Festival, London Film Festival, Vancouver Internation Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival


Five first-time filmmakers envision Hong Kong in 2025, almost three decades under Chinese rule since the handover from Britain. Made for under $100,000, Ten Years is an omnibus film in the dystopia-mode that went on to win Best Picture at the Hong Kong Film Awards, outgross Star Wars: The Force Awakens upon initial release, and of course, get banned in China. In order to hurry stricter security legislation the government hires two entry level goons to stage an assassination attempt; a pair of archaeologists take on the insurmountable task of collecting specimens of obsolescent Hong Kong culture; a cab driver’s business is at risk when Cantonese becomes outlawed; a documentary crew investigates a case of self-immolation outside the British Embassy’s offices; and a local grocer witnesses his son’s gradual involvement in the Youth Guard that patrol stores for banned goods. These five stories are dark projections for the future but ultimately make for a hopeful, urgent experience.

Directors Kwok Zune, Wang Fei-pang, Jevons Au, Chow Kwun-wai, Ng Ka-leung
Country Hong Kong
Year 2015
Runtime 104min
Starring Peter Chan, Leung Kin-ping, Ng Siu-hin, Tanzela Qoser, Liu Kai-chi

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